As the first entry onto your guest book of 2017 I just want to say your work is pure art, beautiful.
21.Michelle LaPointe(non-registered)
After classes, workshops, expensive cameras, and years of practice, I've finally figured out the three-step process to get gorgeous travel photographs: 1) Go on vacation with Lauri Novak. 2) Stand next to her as she frames her shots and take exactly the same picture. 3) Throw away your own files and buy Lauri's prints.

Thanks for another stunning calendar. And I'm keeping last year's.
18.José Manuel Santos(non-registered)
It is a pride for me as portuguese, see pictures of my country from a so renowned photographer. Thank you and congratulations for such an extraordinary quality of work.
13.robert bob lalas
The pictures you have a great i love to at those picture its very inspiring. I'm so grateful i found this website.
10.The (not) Right Reverend Theo(non-registered)
Site is indeed looking good. See ya on the plus side Ted Kelly
8.Sevie Kenyon(non-registered)
Nice web site!
7.Tanya Squirrel Wallis(non-registered)
Love your images, and the website is looking so good!
6.Michael Gad(non-registered)
Looks great.
5.Karl Geiger Jr.(non-registered)
You have some really great photos. :)
4.Gene BOWKER(non-registered)
Looking good so far =)
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