The Arctic Photography Symposium and Expedition - A Summary

June 25, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Lauri in the Arctic - Ron Clifford ImagePhoto Credit: Ron CliffordPhoto Credit: Ron Clifford

So much to tell!  So many images to share - imagine that, right?  

Thanks so much to the people of One Ocean Expeditions for an amazing journey.  Top notch staff and photographers to lead us and help us get the shots on this once in a lifetime (maybe) trip.

This VIDEO is a great overview to where we were, what we saw and how our days went.  Thanks to the Photography Symposium photographers:  Daisy Gilardini,  Gerhard ‘Guts’ Swanepoel, Ron Clifford, & Susanne Weissenberger and Artist David McEown for their endless help, information and sharing their knowledge to help us all get the best shots we could, for putting together this amazing video so that we'll always be able to "go back" whenever we want to!  Thanks also to all the passengers who submitted their own images to be included here - it's always great to see the same place through other's eyes.

I will over the next, umm, probably several months, go through my images and do more blog posts here to share my own journey.  The day I arrived I already started shooting an Arctic Abstracts series, it just happened and I can't wait to put it together.  Likely one or two other series will be presented as they reveal themselves to me.  

Think about booking your own trip!  Seriously!  

Feel free to ask me any questions about the trip!!  It will help me formulate new posts and better share the experience with you!




Photo Credit: Ron Clifford


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