Vida Voices Art on Clothing

May 22, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

I just got this from the UPS man! 

How cool is that?  Wow!  It is really quite amazing to see my own photography on a shirt!  I kind of don't know how to feel about it. :)  

If you're not familiar with Vida - check out their story here:  Vida's Story
They are quite a unique and wonderful company that gives back and is teaching their employees so they lead better lives.  

I have 3 designs currently in production and you can find those here:  Vida Voices - Lauri Novak Photography  if you're interested in seeing the other two designs or purchasing a shirt of your own! 

You can also purchase prints of this particular image by clicking on the photo below.

What a wonderful project to be a part of!  I look forward to more options and opportunities to see what other images of mine might work on shirts and scarves!  Check out all the other amazing artwork that is available as well - you may even recognize some photogs like Karen Hutton & Trey Ratliff

The photography adventure continues!  Where else would you like to see me take this adventure?  I'd love to know!


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