We Have a Winner!

April 25, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Several days ago I posted a request for help out to social media because I wanted some help choosing one more image to print for an upcoming exhibit.  As the photographer sometimes we are too close to our own work to choose.  We have favorites but that does not mean they are our best work, or that they will appeal to a wider customer base.  We're emotionally attached to some images for a variety of reasons.  

I want to thank everyone who chose an image (or 5) in the first round of narrowing down images.  30 images were then put in albums on both Google+ and Facebook for people to vote on.  It was close between the top 3 and I'm still surprised by the outcome to be honest.  The person who chose this image gets a free 8x12 metal print from me of their choosing.  I'm so excited that Nancy Levan chose this image!  Who would have guessed that the votes would be to choose something a bit out of the ordinary.  

I give you..... Elemental (which you can purchase yourself if you'd like just by clicking on the image!)

Elemental Again, thank you to everyone who voted, commented and shared their opinions!!  Very much appreciated.  I will post images from the exhibits and art fair I have coming up in May.  Check out the locations here:  MAY EVENTS  I would love to see you!

So, what do you think?  Would you hang this 20x24 metal print on your wall?  


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