Acrylic Prints

April 02, 2015  •  1 Comment

I decided to try something new.  Acrylic prints.  I have printed on paper, canvases, metallic paper and metal but have yet to give acrylic a try, until now. 

I love how they look although if I were to order again I would choose darker images because the acrylic is transparent (uh...really, sometimes I amaze myself) and if you're hanging it on a solid color wall it will be fine but if you choose the stand to put the acrylic in to sit on a desk it wouldn't work that great for lighter background images in my opinion.  Ok, they're not completely transparent, they have a white coating on the back, but it's light enough to let light through (yeah, put it up against a window...not so good, but I'm guessing not many of us hang our images in a window!)

Here are a few images of what I printed.  One of my most popular photos, the image of the flag was probably not the best choice of images to us.  Live and learn.  It's not that bad and I'm picky.  I just wanted to show you how they looked and the backing I chose was the wall float because I love the way they hang on the wall that way.  There are other choices, metal posts (stand-offs) which give the piece an even more modern feel.   The lab I ordered these from (Adoramapix) also offers an oval and heart shape acrylic and you can have them printed in color, black & white, and sepia.





So, what do you think?  

Me?  I think I'll look for some other images to try again.

How do you get your images printed? (You are printing your images, right?)  Anything new out there I should know about?  Better yet, what would you buy if you were looking for art for your own walls?

Thanks for stopping by!!


1.Heidi Anne Morris(non-registered)
The look great Lauri
Love the vibrant colours

The last prints I bought were metal and I really like that finish. I bought them from my Redbubble site. I can wipe dog slobber off them with ease!
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