It's Art Fair Season & Metal Prints!

March 26, 2015  •  2 Comments

Ah March (never mind the bits of remaining snow on the ground), where our thoughts turn to.... Art Fairs.  Well mine do anyway as I begin to prepare for my 2nd season of participating.  Last year I did my very first Art Fair.  This year, so far, I've been accepted to 2 art fairs and am in the process of applying for 3 or 4 more.  I will keep you posted and as they come up will be sure to get you the details so if you're in the area you can come visit me!

Have you ever exhibited at an Art Fair?  I'd love for you to share your experiences.  Are you thinking about participating in Art Fairs?  Would you like a little help in knowing the who, whats, wheres, whens & whys involved in doing so?  Well, I happen to know of someone that is going to be sharing an Art Fair Basics Guide in the next blog post or two!  So - do me a favor and sign up here if you'd like a FREE COPY of "So, You Want to Exhibit at an Art Fair" guide.  I'll share more in depth in my next post. 

One of the things that I am doing in preparation for the art fairs is some printing of images. I need to update my inventory, add new images and new formats!  This leads me to another exciting venture for me.  I've been asked by Adoramapix to become an Ambassador for them. What this means is that I will get to do a guest blog post on their blog every now and again and I will do my best to help them promote their products.  Don't worry, I've sworn to myself that I will not become one of those photographers who are walking advertisements for the products they use.  I do see it as an opportunity to pass along some great promotions when they have them though and inform you of new and exciting products you may not know about.

I've been using Adoramapix for about a year.  I received a free metal print code last year. and that was it for me, I love their metal prints!  So, when they asked me to be an ambassador the timing of it all ended up being perfect.  I was heading to Vegas for the Scavenger Hunt meet up and that was only two days after the WPPI show.  I took the opportunity to actually meet with my contact, Libby at Adoramapix!  It was also great to meet Jen Hillenga from Jen's Fabulous Stuff, who is doing work with them as well! How fun!  They were gracious enough to give us a coupon code to share and also they gave away 5 metal prints!  Congrats to the winners!!  Larry Gibson, Patrick Kelly, Robyn Peters, Wesly Smith & Kathleen Milks!

I just received these today!  (I'm also waiting for a couple of acrylic prints to arrive, I've never printed anything that way yet!)

8x12 White Gloss Metal Print8x12 White Gloss Metal Print

11 x 14 White Gloss Metal Print11 x 14 White Gloss Metal Print

If you are one of those who took advantage of the discount code I'd love it if you shared a link to an image of your print in the comments!

Stay tuned for more from Adoramapix and more about the Art Fair Guide I have in the works!  If you have any specific art fair questions please leave them in the comments as well!

See you soon!


Awesome! Yours look great! Thanks again.. Heres mine, VERY happy with the quality! And they shipped to Australia pretty reasonably too! :)
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Yep, send me one! :-)
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