Burberry - Chicago Style

December 15, 2015  •  1 Comment

I'm not a shopper, in fact I really really dislike shopping,  but I've been wanting to shoot the Burberry Chicago Michigan Avenue Store ever since it went up.  The lines, the reflections, oh the photographic options!   I finally ended up there, with my camera during a Drink & Click Chicago event.  Never mind that it was likely one of the busiest days for shoppers, never mind that it was actually warm in December in Chicago which meant even more shoppers, and never mind that I'm not always so good with shooting with a group of people.  I did it anyway, because I was there.

Here are a few of my shots.  I will go back!

Burberry Warm & CoolBurberry Warm & Cool Rushing Through ChristmasRushing Through Christmas Double DanielleDouble Danielle Burberry #3Burberry #3 Burbury #2Burbury #2 Adam Santa SelfieAdam Santa Selfie Me & BurberryMe & Burberry For more information on the architecture: Burberry Chicago.
To purchase any of these or other Chicago images click here:  Chicago by Lauri.
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1.Richard Flansburg(non-registered)
Hey Lauri!
What took you so long?
Love the second image in the group with the Santa/backpack moving past the building. Great motion and tells what shopping on the Mag Mile is all about.
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